Tuesday, February 17, 2015

D&D Works

Very similar to the Iron Kingoms posts, I have a large number of sketches for D&D games I've played in or run. This work was only showed to my players and never really got much exposure outside of closed groups.

A bit of background on the subject first. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in college in 2005 after being introduced to it by a friend. I loved the idea of creating characters and, in turn, making art for them. So much that I started running games for others shortly after, which allowed me to create and design more. Villians, heroes, creatures, all sorts of things. It gave me the fuel to create I needed and still does. A lot of the characters I draw have names and a story behind them, as seen with the previous IKRPG works. It's not because I made it up for that picture, but rather the other way around.

So without further adieu, some D&D art. Most of which never finished!

A recent character, Breannah Hearthsinger. Got little play time with her, but was fun non-the-less. She was very irishy. And was obsessed with smithing.

These two. Left: Dirt, a dwarven assassin (read as murderer). Complete scumbag. Loved every minute of playing him. Right: Mazen, a friends character. Partners with dirt, albeit reluctantly. Was a bit more professional than Dirt.....a lot more professional.
A little kenku (d&d monster that is bascially a bird man) called Brightbill. Designed him after a Collared Aracari mix with a raven. This one was a lot of fun to work on and ended up being one of my best works (and actually finished ones)

A zany looking dwarf named who uses rune carved stones to shoot lightning and move rocks. Another fun design to work on. My approach was along the lines of "how can I have him look homeless, but still competent?"

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