Tuesday, February 17, 2015

D&D: High Seas

A about a month or so ago, my D&D player set out on a pirate filled adventure and met a nice handful of characters. Not all of them got sketches, but the ones that did were definitely enjoyed.

The main baddie of the story arc: Captain Kilreath. The players heard more about him than they saw, but one player had some bad blood from the past with him. They found how he was capturing people souls and was not actually a human, but a tiger-headed hell creature.Yeah, some of the stuff in D&D is pretty out there, but fun.

Needless to say, they defeated him, but didnt kill him, as per the normal D&D rules for devils. So they have him coming back to look forward to.

A pair of twin halfings who ended up stabbing the players in the back in the middle of a ship battle.

And everyone's favorite from the story: Mog. A first mate whose captain was murdered at a very inconveient time. The players promptly put Mog at the helm of that ships crew in an effort to scramble before the battle. In the end, their encouraging words paid off. The quote "I am the captain now" was said a lot that day.

A lot of his elements came from the events themselves, notably the tiny hat, which belonged to a gnome in the party. And yes, he is missing a shoe. He never found it.

Also got to do some graphic design work while working on some flags for the pirate ships.

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