Tuesday, February 17, 2015

D&D: Friendly Faces

NPC's have always been the bread and butter of my games, and I've always loved to have art for the players for them. Here are some of the folks the player's have befriended.

 The character I had intended to play prior to going to the other side of the DM screen. Olenna, a dwarven fighter who had a heavy ox motif due to her background growing up in a family of ox herders. She was turned into an NPC (couldnt waste a decent sketch) and serves as the neighborhood stablehand and blacksmith.

A bust of the other DM's character, a dwarven Cleric named Goran. The player actually reprised his role as him in a smaller game I run occasionally for shits and giggles.

One of the major NPCs of the story, Osmund. Thought to be a simple, adventure loving old gent, it turns out he was a silver dragon in disguise. After the big battle he and the players participated in, he licked his wounds and retreated back to his lair. Modeled a lot of his look after Ernest Hemingway/Teddy Roosevelt. Team Fortress 2's Saxton Hale also comes to mind.

Lastly, a headshot of their most recent ally, Royce, a paladin senior to them in the adventuring company. Another kind hearted character, his religion teach selflessness and willingness to bear the burdens of others. This however, in recent time, has nearly broken him, as the village he was sent to watch over was overrun by undead. Hopefully things will get better for this guy!

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