Tuesday, February 17, 2015

D&D: Dragonborn

Moving into newer D&D stuff! The new D&D 5th ed campaign I recently am particpating in started out with 10 players and one DM. So I was asked to Co-DM. Now all 11 people get together and the players choose the group they want to go in based each week. After warming up a bit and getting acclimated to the Forgotten Realms world with a few random session, I moved my games into a theme.

Initially I hated dragonborn. I still really don't care for them that much. But hell, they make cool antagonists. So I ran with that, and the players had a hit list of a group of dragonborn there causing trouble in the area. They were brought this info by their former ally, who was also a dragonborn.

Just for quick art for my players, I knocked out quick bust sketches for them. I'm a little tongue in cheek with my pop-culture references, but some of the players get a kick out of it.

 A blue dragonborn who led a tribe of kobolds and lizardfolk, using the power of a lighting talisman to make them think he was a god. Some of his look came from Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo.

 An obvious Predator reference. This green dragonborn stalked the woods and turned invisible. Fired at them from treetops with a wrist mounted hand crossbow.

 A black dragonborn. The least evil out of the bunch, he was holed up at a shrine to a peaceful diety. That was after the fact he killed its prior inhabitants. Fought only using hands, feet and tail.

This guy was the worst of the bunch. The red dragonborn who had marshaled a healthy number of troops in an abandoned keep and begain creating half-dragons using blood magic. He started becoming a real problem for the players and was finally put down, getting knocked off the roof of a large building. A paladin of Tiamat, I wanted to have him fairly nefarious, so the blood magic was a big part of his character. Which in turn led to his Nosferatu inspired look with the front fangs.

 While not on the hitlist, this brute was the red dragonborn lietuanant. Fairly honorable for a guy who follows a lunatic, but still a bad egg. His death was less than honorable, as he slipped on a Grease spell and was promptly decapatated as he lay on the ground.

 The players' "at arms length" ally Korrinn, who had sent them out on the bounties against her former allies. Initially a welcomed friend, she now has raised suspicion of her own motives after dissapearing abrutly, seemingly shady dealings, and revealing she was part of a spy network that roots out local threats. Channelling a bit more of the punk/alt look with the bull ring, gagues and chest scales that are reminisce of tattoos. Currently working on a full version of her, as shes gotten a great deal of screen time and has earned it.

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