Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Pt 3

Finally, the most recent npcs the group had encountered in the third story arc. Sadly, this one was put on hiatus due to schedule changes and we only were able to briefly get into it. Oddly enough, this one had the most robust cast.


Torren Shattereshield, a Rhulic mechanik (that's how they spell it in Iron Kingdoms) who befriended the party and brought them to the port city of Five Fingers where he owns a parts shop for warjacks. He primarily creates after-market part made to work/look like parts made by the nations' armies. Somewhat of a wheeling dealing type, Torren is humble about his work and is usually helpful.

Mia Vorossi. This lady has become my Iron Kingdoms poster-girl of sorts. Native to Five Fingers, this Ordic/Shardic orphan grew up on the mean streets as a pickpocket and con-artists. "Sex Sells" comes to mind with her, and she definitely uses it to her advantage. Prior to the players meeting her, she lost her arm in an accident. Luckily, after befriending her, the players decided to pool their talents to build her a new arm. She heads the Coin Daughters, an all female gang of orphans, current and former, abuse victims and others that have been unjustly wronged. Many of them wear a dandelion yellow scarf, sash or other clothing article.

 After post the first one up on the forums, I got a lot people liking her (huh, wonder why :p) So I decided to do some proper character work for Mia. She ended up being imported (backstory changed and had blonde hair) into my current D&D campaign, and ended up being a hit there as well.

 Sara, the diminutive, manic-depressive, mechanik. They could never quite get a pin on her, but she did help them in crafting Mia's mechanikal arm. We actually left off with a cliffhanger of her losing two of her fingers to a sword falling off a shelf in a flea market shoving match.

Like Mia, much her design was taken from current punk/alt styles ala shaved head hairstyles, tats and piercings.

Roli. Not much was found out about her. She was seen around Mia and was often gruff and spoke very little. Worked in some punk/alt elements on her with the little mohawk (though that's normal with Trollkin), runic tattoo and single rock growth that resembles a labret piercing

Some unfinished fancier art for Roli.

A group of trollkin the players enountered on and off in Five Fingers. Seemed nice enough, but they feel like they may be watching them. A not-so subtle nod to the Walking Dead's Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, posed as they are on the cover of Walking Dead #53. Completely tongue-in-cheek, but fun regardless.

A beefy, armored up trollkin, given a riot police like look.

So this concludes the chunk of IKRPG work. I haven't done much in this realm/genre as I haven't been playing/ running games for it recently. Hopefully it'll be making a comeback.

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