Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Pt 1

Back on the Privateer Press Art forums I had posted a lot of Iron Kingdoms RPG related work from my campaigns I had run. After deciding to make this blog, I felt like a lot of it should be put up as it had only one closed source to find it on. A lot of what I'll describe will be utter gibberish to those who don't play IKRPG or Warmachine/Hordes, so just enjoy the pictures.

Starting it off are a few the player's characters.

Boris Destakov. The gentle giant of the group, Boris was a proud Khadoran and devout Menite. He would try to take the peaceful route, but knew when force was necessary. Always sought to mete out justice and punish wrongdoers with equal parts brawn and spellpower.

Gorluk Darkbriar. A trollkin mercenary and bounty hunter. First encountered by the players as an antagonist who derailed their train with explosives. After a small skirmish and the death of his faithful (and incredibly rare) white buffalo Archie, Gorluk was subued and question. After finding out he was lied to about passengers being on the train, he joined the party for revenge. Skilled with dual pistols, Gorluk etched runes on each bullet to give them added effect in combat.

This guy was not one of my players, but a player who had asked for if I he could commission some work. This is of his Ordic Pirate/Warcaster Essex Kelley and his Buccaneer Warjack "Penny". Had a blast doing this one with its action poses and piratey goodness.

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