Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Part 2

Next up in the backlogged Iron Kingdoms RPG work are some of the baddies the group has faced off against.

First up is the antagonist of a campaign set in the Broken Coast. The group was hired ride a Cygnaran vessel into the Cryx territory to help retrieve a prototype warjack cortex. This gent, Captain Jeremy Hartlin, headed the mission along with the illustrious Drake McBain. Some of the players in one group appropriately dubbed him "Captain Peacock", alluding to his pompous nature and tendency to show off. A skilled warcaster and leader, though the party was hardly keen on him being around.

Things went south really quick and the ship they were on was attacked and sunk. The survivor's washed up on shore where they fought to survive against the elements and undead that inhabited the lone island. It was later found that Hartlin did not die and became under the influence of Cryx, with the cortex in his possession, the party fought him and his warjack. Hartlin died after being crushed by falling stones while battling the players.

Or did he? As always, Cryx recover their dead and cobble something up. Here was a sketch of an Undead Hartlin.

Ordic Warcaster Vario Talos. An fanatical nationalist and terrorist, Vario started with riots and robberies, and then to hijacking in murder. So he says for the sake of his country. The players battled him and his jet-boosting light warjack atop a moving train, where they defeated him. He escaped before the killing blow was landed to fight another day. After rallying some more follower, he took over a small church in Boris's (the khadoran from the prior post) hometown. He was defeated again there and was promply executed by the Khadoran military.

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