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Dragons Playmat

A while back I had done a Magic the Gathering playmat for my local gaming store that featured some of the local players as characters from their favorite cards.We sold a limited run of them and went over very well with the community.

Since then, I've wanted to do more playmat art, but had little reason to do it. After hearing that another new set, Dragons of Tarkir, was being released, I got a fire under my ass and decided to get to work. I've wanted to do some dragon themed work with a lot of D&D going on, so it just gave me that much more reason.

Metallic skin in the sun...what a pain...

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D&D: High Seas

A about a month or so ago, my D&D player set out on a pirate filled adventure and met a nice handful of characters. Not all of them got sketches, but the ones that did were definitely enjoyed.

The main baddie of the story arc: Captain Kilreath. The players heard more about him than they saw, but one player had some bad blood from the past with him. They found how he was capturing people souls and was not actually a human, but a tiger-headed hell creature.Yeah, some of the stuff in D&D is pretty out there, but fun.

Needless to say, they defeated him, but didnt kill him, as per the normal D&D rules for devils. So they have him coming back to look forward to.

A pair of twin halfings who ended up stabbing the players in the back in the middle of a ship battle.

And everyone's favorite from the story: Mog. A first mate whose captain was murdered at a very inconveient time. The players promptly put Mog at the helm of that ships crew in an effort to scramble before the battle. In the end, their encouraging words paid off. The quote "I am the captain now" was said a lot that day.

A lot of his elements came from the events themselves, notably the tiny hat, which belonged to a gnome in the party. And yes, he is missing a shoe. He never found it.

Also got to do some graphic design work while working on some flags for the pirate ships.

Kiss of Death, Baby.

Currently doing some work for's Character of the Week. This week is "What if Adventure Time Was Real?" For my entry, I chose Death, who was featured in the episode Death in Bloom.

Here's the work so far, but a long ways to go

Here's to getting it done by sunday!

D&D: Friendly Faces

NPC's have always been the bread and butter of my games, and I've always loved to have art for the players for them. Here are some of the folks the player's have befriended.

 The character I had intended to play prior to going to the other side of the DM screen. Olenna, a dwarven fighter who had a heavy ox motif due to her background growing up in a family of ox herders. She was turned into an NPC (couldnt waste a decent sketch) and serves as the neighborhood stablehand and blacksmith.

A bust of the other DM's character, a dwarven Cleric named Goran. The player actually reprised his role as him in a smaller game I run occasionally for shits and giggles.

One of the major NPCs of the story, Osmund. Thought to be a simple, adventure loving old gent, it turns out he was a silver dragon in disguise. After the big battle he and the players participated in, he licked his wounds and retreated back to his lair. Modeled a lot of his look after Ernest Hemingway/Teddy Roosevelt. Team Fortress 2's Saxton Hale also comes to mind.

Lastly, a headshot of their most recent ally, Royce, a paladin senior to them in the adventuring company. Another kind hearted character, his religion teach selflessness and willingness to bear the burdens of others. This however, in recent time, has nearly broken him, as the village he was sent to watch over was overrun by undead. Hopefully things will get better for this guy!

D&D: Player Characters

After playing for a bit and getting to know each of the player's characters, I started to start art for each of them. Started with the two people who had painted minis.

Left: Bjorn, a barbarian who wields two axes and has a lot of HP.

Right: Margo, a gnome rogue who as it turns out, is one of the most deadly characters in the group. She has stabbed a lot of people in the face with her rapier. A lot.

 A few sketches of two more, though they are strictly how I picture them, as their player hadn't given me full details on their appearance.

Left: Calvin, a kind hearted red-dragonborn paladin. Currently with an AC of 19, he is a tough nut to crack.

Right: Milgrim Shale, a warlock bound to a pact with an old god that hand brought him from the brink of death. A troubled past as a sailor, he is currently hunting down an old foe that had resurfaced.

More to come on the player characters sometime soon!

D&D: Dragonborn

Moving into newer D&D stuff! The new D&D 5th ed campaign I recently am particpating in started out with 10 players and one DM. So I was asked to Co-DM. Now all 11 people get together and the players choose the group they want to go in based each week. After warming up a bit and getting acclimated to the Forgotten Realms world with a few random session, I moved my games into a theme.

Initially I hated dragonborn. I still really don't care for them that much. But hell, they make cool antagonists. So I ran with that, and the players had a hit list of a group of dragonborn there causing trouble in the area. They were brought this info by their former ally, who was also a dragonborn.

Just for quick art for my players, I knocked out quick bust sketches for them. I'm a little tongue in cheek with my pop-culture references, but some of the players get a kick out of it.

 A blue dragonborn who led a tribe of kobolds and lizardfolk, using the power of a lighting talisman to make them think he was a god. Some of his look came from Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo.

 An obvious Predator reference. This green dragonborn stalked the woods and turned invisible. Fired at them from treetops with a wrist mounted hand crossbow.

 A black dragonborn. The least evil out of the bunch, he was holed up at a shrine to a peaceful diety. That was after the fact he killed its prior inhabitants. Fought only using hands, feet and tail.

This guy was the worst of the bunch. The red dragonborn who had marshaled a healthy number of troops in an abandoned keep and begain creating half-dragons using blood magic. He started becoming a real problem for the players and was finally put down, getting knocked off the roof of a large building. A paladin of Tiamat, I wanted to have him fairly nefarious, so the blood magic was a big part of his character. Which in turn led to his Nosferatu inspired look with the front fangs.

 While not on the hitlist, this brute was the red dragonborn lietuanant. Fairly honorable for a guy who follows a lunatic, but still a bad egg. His death was less than honorable, as he slipped on a Grease spell and was promptly decapatated as he lay on the ground.

 The players' "at arms length" ally Korrinn, who had sent them out on the bounties against her former allies. Initially a welcomed friend, she now has raised suspicion of her own motives after dissapearing abrutly, seemingly shady dealings, and revealing she was part of a spy network that roots out local threats. Channelling a bit more of the punk/alt look with the bull ring, gagues and chest scales that are reminisce of tattoos. Currently working on a full version of her, as shes gotten a great deal of screen time and has earned it.

D&D Works

Very similar to the Iron Kingoms posts, I have a large number of sketches for D&D games I've played in or run. This work was only showed to my players and never really got much exposure outside of closed groups.

A bit of background on the subject first. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in college in 2005 after being introduced to it by a friend. I loved the idea of creating characters and, in turn, making art for them. So much that I started running games for others shortly after, which allowed me to create and design more. Villians, heroes, creatures, all sorts of things. It gave me the fuel to create I needed and still does. A lot of the characters I draw have names and a story behind them, as seen with the previous IKRPG works. It's not because I made it up for that picture, but rather the other way around.

So without further adieu, some D&D art. Most of which never finished!

A recent character, Breannah Hearthsinger. Got little play time with her, but was fun non-the-less. She was very irishy. And was obsessed with smithing.

These two. Left: Dirt, a dwarven assassin (read as murderer). Complete scumbag. Loved every minute of playing him. Right: Mazen, a friends character. Partners with dirt, albeit reluctantly. Was a bit more professional than Dirt.....a lot more professional.
A little kenku (d&d monster that is bascially a bird man) called Brightbill. Designed him after a Collared Aracari mix with a raven. This one was a lot of fun to work on and ended up being one of my best works (and actually finished ones)

A zany looking dwarf named who uses rune carved stones to shoot lightning and move rocks. Another fun design to work on. My approach was along the lines of "how can I have him look homeless, but still competent?"

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Pt 3

Finally, the most recent npcs the group had encountered in the third story arc. Sadly, this one was put on hiatus due to schedule changes and we only were able to briefly get into it. Oddly enough, this one had the most robust cast.


Torren Shattereshield, a Rhulic mechanik (that's how they spell it in Iron Kingdoms) who befriended the party and brought them to the port city of Five Fingers where he owns a parts shop for warjacks. He primarily creates after-market part made to work/look like parts made by the nations' armies. Somewhat of a wheeling dealing type, Torren is humble about his work and is usually helpful.

Mia Vorossi. This lady has become my Iron Kingdoms poster-girl of sorts. Native to Five Fingers, this Ordic/Shardic orphan grew up on the mean streets as a pickpocket and con-artists. "Sex Sells" comes to mind with her, and she definitely uses it to her advantage. Prior to the players meeting her, she lost her arm in an accident. Luckily, after befriending her, the players decided to pool their talents to build her a new arm. She heads the Coin Daughters, an all female gang of orphans, current and former, abuse victims and others that have been unjustly wronged. Many of them wear a dandelion yellow scarf, sash or other clothing article.

 After post the first one up on the forums, I got a lot people liking her (huh, wonder why :p) So I decided to do some proper character work for Mia. She ended up being imported (backstory changed and had blonde hair) into my current D&D campaign, and ended up being a hit there as well.

 Sara, the diminutive, manic-depressive, mechanik. They could never quite get a pin on her, but she did help them in crafting Mia's mechanikal arm. We actually left off with a cliffhanger of her losing two of her fingers to a sword falling off a shelf in a flea market shoving match.

Like Mia, much her design was taken from current punk/alt styles ala shaved head hairstyles, tats and piercings.

Roli. Not much was found out about her. She was seen around Mia and was often gruff and spoke very little. Worked in some punk/alt elements on her with the little mohawk (though that's normal with Trollkin), runic tattoo and single rock growth that resembles a labret piercing

Some unfinished fancier art for Roli.

A group of trollkin the players enountered on and off in Five Fingers. Seemed nice enough, but they feel like they may be watching them. A not-so subtle nod to the Walking Dead's Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, posed as they are on the cover of Walking Dead #53. Completely tongue-in-cheek, but fun regardless.

A beefy, armored up trollkin, given a riot police like look.

So this concludes the chunk of IKRPG work. I haven't done much in this realm/genre as I haven't been playing/ running games for it recently. Hopefully it'll be making a comeback.

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Part 2

Next up in the backlogged Iron Kingdoms RPG work are some of the baddies the group has faced off against.

First up is the antagonist of a campaign set in the Broken Coast. The group was hired ride a Cygnaran vessel into the Cryx territory to help retrieve a prototype warjack cortex. This gent, Captain Jeremy Hartlin, headed the mission along with the illustrious Drake McBain. Some of the players in one group appropriately dubbed him "Captain Peacock", alluding to his pompous nature and tendency to show off. A skilled warcaster and leader, though the party was hardly keen on him being around.

Things went south really quick and the ship they were on was attacked and sunk. The survivor's washed up on shore where they fought to survive against the elements and undead that inhabited the lone island. It was later found that Hartlin did not die and became under the influence of Cryx, with the cortex in his possession, the party fought him and his warjack. Hartlin died after being crushed by falling stones while battling the players.

Or did he? As always, Cryx recover their dead and cobble something up. Here was a sketch of an Undead Hartlin.

Ordic Warcaster Vario Talos. An fanatical nationalist and terrorist, Vario started with riots and robberies, and then to hijacking in murder. So he says for the sake of his country. The players battled him and his jet-boosting light warjack atop a moving train, where they defeated him. He escaped before the killing blow was landed to fight another day. After rallying some more follower, he took over a small church in Boris's (the khadoran from the prior post) hometown. He was defeated again there and was promply executed by the Khadoran military.

Collective Iron Kingdoms Work Pt 1

Back on the Privateer Press Art forums I had posted a lot of Iron Kingdoms RPG related work from my campaigns I had run. After deciding to make this blog, I felt like a lot of it should be put up as it had only one closed source to find it on. A lot of what I'll describe will be utter gibberish to those who don't play IKRPG or Warmachine/Hordes, so just enjoy the pictures.

Starting it off are a few the player's characters.

Boris Destakov. The gentle giant of the group, Boris was a proud Khadoran and devout Menite. He would try to take the peaceful route, but knew when force was necessary. Always sought to mete out justice and punish wrongdoers with equal parts brawn and spellpower.

Gorluk Darkbriar. A trollkin mercenary and bounty hunter. First encountered by the players as an antagonist who derailed their train with explosives. After a small skirmish and the death of his faithful (and incredibly rare) white buffalo Archie, Gorluk was subued and question. After finding out he was lied to about passengers being on the train, he joined the party for revenge. Skilled with dual pistols, Gorluk etched runes on each bullet to give them added effect in combat.

This guy was not one of my players, but a player who had asked for if I he could commission some work. This is of his Ordic Pirate/Warcaster Essex Kelley and his Buccaneer Warjack "Penny". Had a blast doing this one with its action poses and piratey goodness.